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George Fox: A Man of Fiery Passion on a Mission for Jesu


Impassioned by his personal experience of the “light of Christ” Fox became a dynamic, fanatically sincere speaker. He would speak the “truth” anywhere that God provided an opportunity for him to “convince” people that it was possible for them to “experience” the indwelling light of Christ to change their lives. He was not particular about where he spoke, for he would preach in barns, houses, fields, and in churches after the pries was finished. His ministry began in the northern part of England where he would preach, pray, and protest without reservation. Because he often denounced creeds, forms, rites, external sacraments, and man-made ministry, he was not popular and was often persecuted and imprisoned for his beliefs. Nevertheless Fox and his movement “the Society of Friends” (Quakers) would grow and flourish in England and beyond. Being both a Spirit anointed preacher and a prolific writer by the time of his death, his followers would number approximately 50,000 and the impact of his teaching and call to repentance would be felt as far away as the United States as well as several other countries. Beginning with his childhood this article will attempt to examine how Fox came to have the kind of impact that would infuriate the orthodox ruling class, the religious leaders of his day, and at the same time appeal to the common masses.

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